A short Iscra's story

It was an autumn day in Bologna during 1976 when we first met Mara. She was a magic women full of ideas. She ipnotized us and with Laura Fruggeri, Massimo Matteini, Fabio Bassoli from Modena and with Valeria Ugazio, Stefano Cirillo and Sorrentino we formed the first group of pupils at Milan school of family therapy.

At the end of the Training Cecchin proposed to me and Fabio to open the Bologna's centro milanese di terapia familiare. We accepted enthusiastically and in 1984, due to the success we decided to open our school. Iscra born in 1984.

It was not only for the success but also because we met Carlos Sluzki at MRI and also we were not allignedwiththe use of counterparadox that those time was in our view not aesthetic, in the sense that change was abrupt and some time with side effects for families.

ISCRA each year from then to today run 12 seminars local, nation or internationally based. That means about 400 seminars lead by people like Boscolo, Cecchin (they went each year more then once to support us), Sluzki who is still our best loved teacher, and all the interpreters of our world.

Iscra was also the main agency for the national hotline for children Telefono Azzurro up to 1995. We were active in Modena, Cesena and Palermo where our school formed 3 classes of systemic family therapists during a 12 years period. Many things happened during those 39 years. Like the sailing activity for students, the Lituania traini g, the foundation of Aims or th born of Maieutica and so on and on..... Stillameliorating....

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